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Nicole Strasburg: Tidal Change
On Exhibit in our Cooper Gallery
March 31, 2007 through June 3, 2007


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FROM 5 - 7PM

A Few Words About This Exhibit

The ebb and flow of ocean waters converging upon the shoreline creates endless possibilities for reverie in Nicole Strasburg’s graceful new paintings. With her unique lyrical visual language, the artist explores our ancient connection to the sea, while the transitory effects of shifting tides echo the essence of our life experience.

Expanding her palette to include a broad range of hues, Strasburg presents warm rose, coral and lavender reflections that interact with ethereal indigo and turquoise shadows. Elements of vibrant color and atmospheric light sweep effortlessly across these dynamic contemporary compositions.

As Strasburg’s work evolves, an increasingly abstract sensibility informs her undulating natural forms. For the first time, suggestions of human figures emerge from the meandering shapes of water, sand, rocks and sky.

Born in Salt Lake City, the artist moved to Santa Barbara as a child and developed a strong connection to the Pacific Ocean. After earning a B.A. in art from UC Santa Barbara, her paintings have received numerous awards and wide recognition throughout California and beyond.

An infinite universe may be found in these microcosms of shimmering waters, captured at the moment they meet terra firma. A sense of the sublime exists in Strasburg’s compositions of reflected sunlight, sand and rhythmic ocean waves.

Nancy Clare Caponi
Director of Contemporary Art

About the Artist

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