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French/American Painter

By Gallery Historians

French and American Impressionist Lucien Biva was a founding member of the Independent Artists of France. He later moved to the U.S. where he held many solo exhibitions.


Born in Paris, France on August 13, 1879, Biva's first training came at an early age at the hands of his father, Henri. He attended various art schools, including Art Decoratif, Beaux Arts and Modern Art where he was influenced the famous Belle Epoque artist and designer Eugene Grasset (1845-1917).

Being accepted and passed by the most critical of juries from the Societe Des Artistes Francais, at the age of 16 he thereby received the privilege of exhibiting in all the principal cities of France.

Biva was decorated by the French government and is one of the founders and first to exhibit with the Independent Artistes of France. He was one of the muralists for the Jeanne d'Arc Memorial in France. His uncle Paul Biva was also a noted flower painter in France.

It was recently uncovered that Biva emigrated to the United States in 1919. It is also known tht in 1921 he submitted a patent request to the U.S. Patent Office for a refinement to the basic camoufalge patent. Perhaps because of his interest in flower painting on October, 4th 1921, the artist received U.S. Pat. No. D-59,177 which differentiated the sowing and seaming specifications to create a rippled and wrinkled apprearance in the camouflage fabric. A few years later, in 1924 he became a member of the Society of Independent Artists in New York City.

Having emigrated to the United States, Biva had a number of solo exhibitions, including the November 1957 Exhibition at the Albany Institute of History and Art where 37 paintings were displayed. This show featured works from both sides of the Atlantic. He presented early work from Chartres, Montmartre, Normandy and the Brittany coast as well as work done in the U.S. in the Catskills, Englewood, Ardsley, White Plains and the Adirondacks. Biva was a member of the Society of Independent Artists. In the late 1950's Biva's address was RD#2 Box 106, Catskill, New York as noted on the back of the photo reproduced above in the artist's hand.

The artist died in New York in 1965.


The pamphlet details an exhibition held from November 5 through November 24 and includes information about each of the works exhibited and a short biography on the last page.

Date Unknown


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