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Landscape Painter

By Danielle Peltakian

On October 2, 1894, Sara Kolb Danner was born in New York City. She was raised in Philadelphia, PA where she studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art under Harry Snell and the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. Later in her career she also studied at the Massachusetts Normal Art School under George L. Noyes, Stanford University and UC Santa Barbara. In 1917, she married her first husband William Danner. The couple moved to Santa Barbara in 1926.

Sara Kolb Danner is renowned for her skill as a landscape artist. She was a member of various California art organizations and received several recognitions for her accomplishments in fine art. The theater of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art is named after her. During her lifetime, she was also an accomplished poet, contributing regularly to The Saturday Review. In 1952, the Stanford Press published her poetry and paintings in a book titled Gallery Tour.


Group Exhibitions:

  • 1919, 1951 Hoosier Salon
  • 1922-23 Art Institute of Chicago
  • 1930 Faulkner Memorial Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library
  • 1930, 1951 California State Fair
  • 1931 California Art Club
  • 1934 Santa Cruz Art League
  • 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition
  • 1942, 1943 Women Painters of the West
  • 1943, 1946 National Association of Women Artists, New York
  • 1955 Pacific Coast Biennial, Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • National Academy of Design
  • Woodmere Art Gallery
  • Solo Exhibitions:

  • 1927, 1932 Art Institute of Chicago
  • 1928, 1929 Santa Barbara Art League
  • 1929, 1934, 1941 Stanford Museum
  • 1943 Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • 1949 Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • 1953 Philadelphia Artists Alliance

  • California Art Club
  • California Watercolor Society
  • League of American Pen Women
  • Palo Alto Art Club
  • Philadelphia Artists Alliance
  • Santa Barbara Art Association
  • Women Painters of the West

  • 1922 Prize for Still life, Indiana State Fair
  • 1922 Prize for Landscape, South Bend Women Artists Club
  • 1942, 1943 First Prize, Women Painters of the West
  • 1951 Prize, Hoosier Salon

  • South Bend Regional Museum of Art, IN

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