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Sullivan Goss is Santa Barbara’s finest art gallery: where Los Angeles and San Francisco meet to explore, discuss, and collect American art.

Established in 1984, Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery has represented the work of American artists for 35 years. The contributions of these artists, from the 19th century to the 21st century, can be found in our expansive galleries in downtown Santa Barbara, California. With an inventory of over 3,000 paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints and sculptures, Sullivan Goss is the primary West Coast gallery positioned to help build private and public collections of important American art.

We offer approximately twenty exhibitions each year, including solo shows for contemporary and historic artists as well as curated thematic exhibitions. Through its research efforts, Sullivan Goss is also involved with scholarship and research for American artists. Our gallery’s website is one of the internet’s best sites for information about American art from 1850 to today. We also have an active publication program.

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The gallery seeks to acquire works by significant American painters and sculptors who have worked between 1850 and today.

We curate. We exhibit. We research. We publish. We sell and we buy.

• Curation is an increasingly vital service in a world of too many and too much. We look for quality, value, individuality, and art historical importance. Here is a list of artists we buy.

• We mount about 20 exhibitions every year – from solo exhibitions for historic and contemporary artists to thematic exhibitions.

• Sullivan Goss is active in researching American artists. We hope to grow in our own knowledge and to help students, collectors, and curators looking to share in our discoveries about the history of American art.

• Sullivan Goss publishes hardbound and softbound books, catalogs, online videos, and countless mailers and press releases.

• Sullivan Goss believes in the power of art to delight, inspire, and inform our daily lives. We love what we sell, which means we have to love it to buy it. Between 300 and 400 works of art get bought and sold here every year.

We are super social (media that is).


Come on in! You can also check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Plus, we have our own YouTube channel.

Or connect with our Team:

Nathan Vonk
Nathan is the owner of Sullivan Goss. He oversees all sales and acquisitions, advises clients on building collections, and directs social media and advertising initiatives. He is available Tuesday - Saturday and by appointment.

Jeremy Tessmer
Jeremy is the Gallery Director at Sullivan Goss. He is also the curator of nineteenth and twentieth century American art. He designs most of the gallery’s installations in addition to the gallery’s advertising and publications. He is available Thursday - Monday and by appointment.

Susan Bush
Susan is the Contemporary Curator at Sullivan Goss. She curates a wide variety of exhibitions each year, and manages relationships with our represented artists. She is available Sunday - Thursday and by appointment.

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