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DAN LUTZ (1906-1978)

🔴I Got A Harp, c. 1941

Period: Modern, Medium: Painting, Subject: Figurative, Size: Medium, Style: Modernist, Regionalist, Surreal/Magical realism, Format: Horizontal, Palette: Cool, Price: Over $10k



DAN LUTZ (1906-1978)

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I Got a Harp, c. 1941
24 x 30 inches  |  Oil on canvas
Signed on back

THE SPIRITUAL SERIES: Dan Lutz and the American Scene, Laguna Art Museum, Oct. 6, 1989 - Feb. 18, 1990;  
DAN LUTZ: Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition, Dalzell Hatfield Gallery, Mar. 7 - Apr. 1, 1961;  
Likely two other exhibitions of Lutz' work at Dalzell Hatfield Gallery, c. early 1940s;  
Painting in the United States, Carnegie Museum of Art, Oct. 15 - Dec. 12, 1943 (3rd honorable mention);  
De Young Memorial Museum, c. early 1940s;  
Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art.

Dalzell Hatfield Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition catalog, Page 6;
DAN LUTZ: Oils and Watercolors catalog;  
Magazine of Art, Dec. 1943 (article by Donald Bear of Santa Barbara Museum of Art).


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