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Sullivan Goss ­ An American Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition, 10 Under 30. This is only the second time the gallery has put together an exhibition of younger, emerging artists so succinctly. This exhibition showcases ten artists under the age of thirty with one piece by each artist, giving an idea of where they are now creatively and where they might be headed as their careers take off.

All participants make art a part of their daily livesÍž it’s not a hobby but a passion into which they have chosen to delve deep. They were selected based on their commitment to art and the superb craftsmanship demonstrated within their chosen media. As a gallery that generally exhibits well­established artists, Sullivan Goss also recognizes emerging talent and understands the difficulty of breaking in to the gallery world. We are committed to the support of living artists, and as part of that commitment we support and encourage emerging talent and understand the challenges involved in creating a personal exhibition history. For this exhibition we have chosen ten young artists with distinct visions and obvious talent that will keep them working creatively for the years and decades to come.


For collectors this is an opportunity to introduce yourself to a young artist for the first time. It is a chance to be one of the first to discover an emerging talent that can be followed for years to come. As their careers take off, you can look back and remember the first time you encountered their work on the walls of Sullivan Goss.


2:37 | Susan Bush

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