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Henrietta Marshall was born to Charles Manchester Marshall of England and Henrietta Cole of Kentucky on October 21, 1840 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She arrived in Oakland, California in 1860 where she married James Hoge Latham, the brother of the sixth Governor of California. She and her husband went on to have three children. In 1976 her husband died. In 1982 she remarried a Mr. Dwight and is thereafter known as Henrietta Latham Dwight. The twenty-five watercolors in this exhbiition are variously dated as between 1890 and her death in 1909 in Paris, France.

In addition to her family duties she found time to author an important early book on vegitarian cooking, "The Golden Age Cook Book," in 1898. As evidenced by this exhibit and the quality of her work in a difficult medium, she took her work as an artist seriously. She studied formerly with the leading California watercolorist of her day Christian Jorgensen in the early 1890's. It is speculated that she went on to further study in Paris following 1906. These works were offered for sale during an exhibition in 2003 and all, save one, have been acquired by California Collectors. The only large sellection (six) is held in the Benton Collection in Northern California.

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