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Off Axis, Santa Barbara's month-long program of contemporary art offerings, celebrates the rich diversity of Santa Barbara's artistic community and seeks to enrich and enliven it with works by national and international contemporary artists of note. By happy coincidence, Sullivan Goss has always seen itself working towards a similar goal.

For part of our contribution to the event, Sullivan Goss asked members of the Santa Barbara Sculptor's Guild to submit work for a curated show. Eleven works were chosen. The strong tradition of stone carving immediately manifested itself with standout works by Bela Basci (in bronze), Elliot Chang, Rebecca Davis, Joanne Duby, Gregory Kailian, Mark Leffert, and Jill Vander Hoof. Marvelous works in ceramic by Laura Langley and Nina Ward also testified to the local relevance of the West Coast ceramics movement. Finally, classically informed works in bronze came in by Rosie Price and Nevin. We sincerely hope that these works will inspire natives and visitors alike to seek out and to nurture the local artists that lend such vibrancy to our community.

ARTISTS FEATURED: Bela Basci | Elliot Chang | Rebecca Davis | Gregory Kailian | Nevin Littlehale | Jill Vander Hoof | Nina Ward

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