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Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery is pleased to present ZACK PAUL: INSIDE OUT, the artist’s debut exhibition with the gallery. In his newest body of work, the artist explores ideas from architecture, graphic design, and the visual languages of Constructivism and California Hard Edge painting. With his new series of paintings and constructions, Zack breathes new life into old ideas about plans vs. accidents, about the rationality of the grid and the immediacy of the painter’s gesture.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1974, Zacarias Paul now lives and works in Santa Barbara where he is part of an emerging and colorful contemporary art scene. He works in the Can(n)on Art Studios in Old Town Goleta, where he shares space with area artists James Van Arsdale, Kimberly Hahn, Elizabeth Folk, Steven Soria, and Saul Gray-Hildenbrand. The artist adds his first solo exhibition with Sullivan Goss to a list of shows internationally at contemporary art festival, AP’Art in St. Remy, France and at home at CSU Pomona in Los Angeles and Kitsch Gallery in San Francisco. In 2008, he won awards from the Santa Barbara Arts Fund. The artist debuted with Sullivan Goss in GEOMETRIC ABSTRACTION: Recurring Patterns in American Art in 2010, where he showed brilliantly alongside abstract artists from the 1930s in New York to California artists from the 1960s. Zack sold most of his paintings from that exhibition.

Zack’s interest in color, form, space, materiality, and process has compelled him to learn more about the language and concerns of modern and contemporary critical theory. These readings, in turn, give his work an intellectual seriousness that stands in marked contrast to the breezy, cool, fun, and graphic quality of his work. Not to worry, this exhibition will take the viewer on a journey through the artist’s process, showing how nature and architecture can be seen as a series of disconnected geometric shapes. 


3:14 | Jeremy Tessmer

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