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Leon Dabo (1864-1960)

The Moon on the Lake (aka Moon Rising), 1907

Period: Historic, Medium: Painting, Subject: Landscape, Size: Medium, Style: Tonalist, Format: Vertical, Palette: Neutral, Price: Over $10k



LEON DABO (1864-1960)

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The Moon on the Lake (aka Moon Rising), 1907
25 x 20 inches  |  Oil on canvas
Signed lower right

LEON DABO: Light Fall, 2017;  
The Winter Salon, 2016;  
LEON DABO: Art for Art's Sake, 2014;  
Boston Art Club, MA - ND
Poland Spring Gallery, Maine State Bldg. South Pland, MA, Thirteenth Annual Exhibition of Paintings by Prominent Artists, June 6-October 1, 1907.

Over $10k

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