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New in February, Sullivan Goss will present REGENERATE: The Works of J. Bradley Greer & Lynda Weinman, an exhibition of paintings by J. BRADLEY GREER paired with 3D printed ceramic and plastic sculptures by LYNDA WEINMAN. Working with repeating shapes that feel both Surreal and, in the case of Lynda’s work, futuristic, both artists have created bodies of work that feel like they grow organically, operating by an almost fractal logic. In the language of computer art, they feel generative

Both artists are also in new phases of their creative careers. BRADLEY GREER relocated from New York to Los Angeles and abandoned more figurative modes of painting for this new abstract painting language that is equal parts decorative embroidery and biomorphic Surrealism. LYNDA WEINMAN set off on a course to innovate and master 3D printed ceramics just three years ago after a career in teaching computer aided design and art at both Art Center College of Design and then online. Her ceramic sculpture – which is wall hanging, floor standing, and tabletop – marries cutting edge 3D parametric design software and maker bots with a material as old as human culture itself to create works that feel like they’ve come to us from a future civilization. Both artists have arrived at these new bodies of work in this new phase of life by natural evolution and inclination. As such, these new generative forms and compositions feel serendipitously aligned with their desire to regenerate, to grow anew.



J. BRADLEY GREER was born and raised in Los Angeles. He attended both Otis Art Institute in L.A. and Parsons School of Design in Paris before moving to New York City. In 1990 Greer had his first solo exhibition at White Columns – New York’s “oldest, alternative art space.” During his fifteen year affair with New York, Greer exhibited as often as possible while also working as an artist’s assistant for such superstars as Jeff Koons. After returning to Los Angeles, Greer continued exhibiting but also got a job as art teacher for middle and high school students in L.A. Unified School District. In addition to showing with Sullivan Goss, Greer has recently exhibited with Bill Arning Exhibitions in Houston, TX and Bendix Gallery in L.A.

​LYNDA WEINMAN was an early pioneer in computer and web graphics in the early 1980s, and enjoyed a varied career as a college professor, author of numerous how-to books and as an entrepreneur. She and her husband Bruce Heavin co-founded lynda.com in 1995, one of the first online educational enterprises to teach digital tools and skills. After selling the company to LinkedIn in 2015, Weinman chose to pursue a long dormant interest in ceramics. In 2020, she discovered 3D clay printing. Today, she is one of its foremost pioneers. Using 2D Adobe software and 3D tools like Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, and Potterware in conjunction with multiple 3D printers, Lynda works fluently with geometric and parametric forms.


28:11  |  With David Starkey & Lynda Weinman

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