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LOCKWOOD DE FOREST (1850-1932) - Artists - Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery, Santa Barbara's Finest Art Gallery

Moonrise York Harbor, Maine, Aug. 12, 1906

9.75 x 14 inches  |  oil on artist's card stock

Lockwood de Forest II was born in New York in 1850, the son of Henry G. and Julia Weeks de Forest. He began to paint and draw at an early age. At the age of nineteen de Forest had already begun formal training as an artist in Rome at the Corridi school, and had adopted his relative Frederick Church, the famous Hudson River School painter, as his mentor. Although he demonstrated multiple skills in his career, he painted passionately throughout his life.

During his lifetime de Forest was best known as a designer. He was a strong proponent of Indian-inspired design, for which there was a fashion in the late nineteenth century. His travels fueled his interest in eastern art and architecture, and he used his knowledge to further develop his design business. He traveled extensively, from Italy and Greece to the Holy Land and south into the Persian Empire and India; eventually he traveled throughout the United States, Mexico and even to China, Japan and Korea. He recorded his travels not only with design work, but with carefully rendered landscapes, which became increasingly atmospheric over the course of his career.

Captivated by the light and landscape of the South Coast, de Forest began wintering in Santa Barbara around the turn of the century, and moved to Santa Barbara permanently in 1919, where he lived until his death in 1932.


3:06 | Narrated by Nathan Vonk | Released for LOCKWOOD DE FOREST: Wanderlust, 2016

4:08 | Narrated by Susan Bush | Released for De Forest's SANTA BARBARA, 2014

3:15 | Narrated by Nathan Vonk | Released for In Search of the Source, 2012

4:28 | Narrated by Frank Goss | Released for 40 Days & 40 Nights: The Paintings of Lockwood de Forest, 2011

5:30 | Narrated by Frank Gos

4:44 | Jeremy Tessmer | Released for Lockwood de Forest (1850-1932)

5:45 | Narrated by Jeremy Tessmer | Released for SYSTEM DISRUPTION, 2018

6:05  |  Narrated by Jeremy Tessmer  |  Released for The Art of Santa Barbara: 1875-2016, 2016

4:57 | Narrated by Jeremy Tessmer | Released for TONALISM THEN: 1870-1930, 2013

2:45  |  Narrated by Jeremy Tessmer  |  Released for Collecting California, 2013

4:20  |  Narrated by Frank Goss  |  Released for ALONG EL CAMINO REAL: Edwin Deakin's Twenty-One Missions in Watercolor, 2013

3:42  |  Narrated by Jeremy Tessmer  |  Released for THE LAST NEW CENTURY: American Art from 1880-1920, 2010

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1886  Medal for Indian Carvings Colonial Exposition, London
1893  Medal Columbian Exposition, Chicago
1898  Election to the National Academy of Design
1904  Bronze medal, St. Louis Exposition



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Baltimore Museum of Art
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Morse Museum of American Art 
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University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Wilding Art Museum, Los Olivos, CA
Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, FL



1850  Born New York, NY
1864  First trip abroad
1868  Family winters in Rome
1870s  Studies briefly with James Hart
1870s  Sketching trips to the Adirondacks, Rhode Island, MA
1872–1883  Studio in New York's Tenth Street Studio Building
1875  First academy exhibition entry, a Grecian landscape
1875  Travels with family to London, Egypt, Palestine
1877  National Academy of Design submission Pyramid of Saqqara
1877  Travels to Greece and Egypt
1879  Partners with Louis Tiffany, Samuel Colman, & Candace Wheeler in Associated Artists
1880–1882  Honeymoons with Meta Kemble in India
1880  Sets up furniture & decorations factory in Ahmadebad to create his designs
1882  Associated Artists dissolved
1885  Publishes Indian Domestic Architecture
1886  Builds home to his design on East 10th St., NY
1892  Visits India, including Ahmadebad factory again to supervise
1893  Medal for commissioned room Marshall Field at World Expo
1898  Election to the National Academy of Design
1898  Visits Europe
1900  Starts wintering in Santa Barbara, CA
1908  Sells his decorating stock in New York
1912  Publishes Illustrations of Design
1913  Last trip to India
1915  Builds home in Santa Barbara, CA
1919  Begins to reside yearround in Santa Barbara, CA
1932  Died April 3, at the age of 82, in Santa Barbara, CA


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